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I am a digital artist based in Ein-Hod, Israel, doing 3D, AR and VR. I also study the philosophy of the mind and believe that consciousness is an independent feature of reality irreducible to physical matter.

Elitzur Bar-Yehuda

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AR Animations

You can purchase my animations by ordering a print of the 1st frame online, and then watch the entire video coming to life with AR (augmented reality) on your wall, with the free Artivive app. It's really cool.

Online 3D Art Store

Order prints of my original 3D artworks to your door, so that I have money to buy groceries and beer.

3D Visualizations

I also make hyper photo-realistic 3D visualizations of real or imagined objects such as products. Please contact me if my services can assist you.

My VR Self

I have designed a VR (virtual reality) experience in my studio, whose purpose is to get more in touch with your own conscious self.

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